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Marketing Study Lab Helping Before, During and After Your Marketing Studies

For many years now I've been tutoring people to not only pass professional marketing qualifications but also help those without a marketing background build and develop the knowledge as well as marketing planning and strategy (bit of a passion of mine this marketing stuff).

The one thing I've noticed while doing this as well as being in the same position in terms of studying and trying to build a career within Marketing, is that their isn't much out there by way of interesting, valuable and freely available content that can help and guide you through your marketing studies and through the various stages of your career be it in its infancy or in full swing, so..... I've launched a podcast (yep, I'm shocked as well)!

The idea behind the podcast is to provide hints, tips and guidance to help with your studies and through your Marketing profession.

Not only will I be with you every step of your journey (whatever that may be) but I will  also look to bring you interviews to inspire and motivate. Marketers as well as other kind and generous Superstars have given up their time to talk about their fascinating back story or to offer you incredible insight and value within their own specific field of expertise and marketing (obvs).

If you're interested in developing your Marketing skills or indeed studying Marketing, this is for you!

The first episode is an intro that explains what I've just explained, but give it a listen anyway and then take you pick as to what titles take your fancy, or simply subscribe and don't miss another episode (links to your fav podcast hosts below).

Happy Marketing,

I would love to get your feedback on how I can improve the podcast or what you would like to hear in forthcoming episodes so either leave a comment or contact me directly -

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Dec 25, 2018

As it's supposed to be a 'quite' time of the year, for friends and family, I thought I'd do what came naturally and publish a podcast on Christmas Day...... Nice one!

So what can I possible have to say. We'll quite a lot actually, or my guests do as I have decided to make this a recap show of my journey into podcasting...

Dec 18, 2018

I want to get right into introducing our guest who holds a Ph.D, is a Professor, Digital Learning Consultant, Educator Entrepreneurship consultant, speak and blogger. Recently featured in Forbes, Ai Addyson-Zhang has a fascinating story to tell about how social media can be taught…. Using social media as the...

Dec 11, 2018

Let's meet Dan Charles, who is the Owner of Be Fair Marketing who doesn’t believe in trying to blind his clients with the ‘dark arts’ of SEO or charging a customer for what is essentially an automated PPC report. Dan is of the opinion that being open and honest is just good business sense.


- There are...

Dec 6, 2018

I don't like to over promise and under deliver and I don't think I have with yet another special episode. This wasn't supposed to be a special, but as its all about podcasting, I think I got a bit caught up in the whole discussion and that was so easy to do with my guest today, John Lim.

John is an Entrepreneur, no...

Dec 4, 2018

What is your bedtime ritual? Hopefully it’s not as bad as most peoples? How many hours sleep should you be getting? Do you get them? In this weeks top tip that’s what we’ll be talking about, sleep.

But now its time to introduce our guest, Jono Alderson from, now I have to say at this point the first few...