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Marketing Study Lab Helping You Pass CIM Qualifications

For many years now I've been tutoring people to pass professional marketing qualifications (bit of a passion of mine this Marketing Stuff) and one thing I've noticed while doing this as well as being in the same position previously, is that their isn't much out there by way of interesting, valuable and freely available content that can help and guide you through your professional qualification, so..... I've launched a podcast (yep, I'm shocked as well)!

The idea behind the podcast is to provide hints, tips and guidance to help with your studies. Not only will we be with you every step of the way but we also look to bring you interviews to inspire and motivate. Marketing as well as other kind and generous professionals have given up their time to talk about their fascinating back story or to offer you incredible insight and value within their own specific field of expertise.

If you're interested in Marketing or studying Marketing, this is for you! The first episode is an intro that explains what I've just explained, but give it a listen anyway. Many more episodes are on their way.

Happy Marketing,

I would love to get your feedback on how I can improve the podcast or what you would like to hear in forthcoming episodes so either leave a comment or contact me directly -

Mar 19, 2019

We covered a topic very briefly on episode 44 with Mr Ryan Holtz, which was CRM (Customer Relationship Management). We skirted over the idea of what this is and why it was important but not the specifics, which is what we’ll be doing later on in this episode.

But first, lets have a chat with Evan Wyk, a Brand Guardian...

Mar 14, 2019

In this episode we'll breakdown the Mastering Digital Channels - April 19 CIM Level 6 Assignment.

Need a more detailed, step-by-step guidance to passing this qualification? Download the comprehensive study guide at:

I’m going to talk you through each and every task...

Mar 12, 2019

Welcome to episode 50! Yes 50, of the Marketing Study Lab. And this is a mega special episode as I speak to, rather nervously I may add – Goldie Chan, as well as finding out the difference between AR and VR.

Hopefully by now you’ve got the jist of what is going on here, but if you don’t, not to worry as we are...

Mar 5, 2019

How do you cross-sell? How can be of benefit to a business? And what options do we have when implementing this type of strategy. If you don't know we’ll be chatting about it later as well as discussing the Level 6 Mastering Digital Channels CIM Assignment – April 19 – Question 3 (b).

But first, let's chat to...

Feb 26, 2019

Who’s in your tribe? What the hell is a tribe. We’ll find this out and look at the Level 6 Mastering Digital Channels CIM Assignment – April 19 – Question 3 (a) later, but first we’re going to have a chat with Angela Ferrari.

Angela is a children's book author/ illustrator but also the creator and host of...