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Hello, I’m the Lego Master of Marketing! 

Odd statement to start a profile, but go with it, it’ll make sense.

You know when you have loads of Lego all over the floor and it just looks like one big pile of nothingness. Not only does it look a mess, it’s a pain when you stand on it.

I take these bricks and start to make sense of how they all fit together.

If your marketing feels like a pile of painful Lego, let’s chat and get those building blocks fitting together:

Why is this an issue?

The biggest problem facing todays marketing departments is the severe lack of qualified marketers, which usually happens by accident.

It’s not your fault, this usually happens by accident.

Perhaps there was an immediate need to design a website or create some literature and you needed someone to coordinate this – before you know it, Mark is the new marketing department.

Maybe your business has experienced some rapid growth, expanded and was looking to promote within or Andrea from customer service fancied her hand at marketing and is now in charge of all corporate comms.

Or perhaps your competition is way too active on social media and you feel you need to be present on this platform as well. Get Hayley to post ‘stuff’ – she’s young enough to understand how to do this. 

You get the idea!

These circumstances lead to 100s of hours of wasted time and money by focusing on the short-term tactics rather than a long-term strategic approach that will make a difference.

Even worse than this, the misplaced management of employees creates missed business opportunities, leaving money on the table that many didn't even know was there!

Hello, I’m Peter!
I can help with this.

I’ve been there, seen Marketing Departments churning out worthless tactical marketing communications that do nothing but damage a company’s reputation, wasting peoples time and reducing, not building long-term brand value.

I specialise in training programmes that will alter the mind-set of lost / forgotten / unqualified marketer's, by developing the skills needed to confidently create successful, long-term marketing strategies that generate business opportunities.

How is this done? Tell me, tell me now!

Quite simply by removing the pain points and problems than many marketers face as they haven’t had the training or been given the opportunity to develop their marketing skills through;

Strategic Marketing Planning
Professional Marketing Qualifications
Marketing Training Days

Any business that is not benefiting from the opportunities marketing will create is missing out MASSIVELY! The chances are that the marketing tactics that are being deployed focus on pushing the wrong messages of ‘Buy. This. Now’ to the wrong people (who don’t even care you exist), creating minimal awareness and even less success.

Positioning a company through a strategic marketing approach, not only carves out a point of difference for a company to differentiate themselves from the competition, but creates a unique proposition within the marketplace that highlights the problems it helps to fix for those that care enough to seek out this solution. Moving a company from a wasteful and unwanted push strategy to one that creates value where customers will actively gravitate towards this value proposition.

This changes your marketing and the marketing department from being viewed as a cost centre that haemorrhages money, to the department that creates value and saves money in the long-term.

And here’s a little bit of social proof for you:

‘It is refreshing to see someone with a passion for the profession producing such valuable content for others to learn from.’

‘He was genuine and very honest in his approach and it was a pleasure working through this with Peter. An ‘out of the box’ thinker, he enabled me to consider different approaches'.

Happy Marketing

I would love to get your feedback on how I can improve the podcast or what you would like to hear in forthcoming episodes so either leave a comment or contact me directly -

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Oct 29, 2019

Cambridge Social Media Day (7th& 8th Nov):

Guest and Episode Links
Lenka Koppová


Rise of the Youpreneur – Chris Ducker:

Other Links:

Enjoy the Episode - Happy Marketing!


Sentiment analysis. No not the stuff the ends up at the bottom of a river (science facts). Sentiment analysis is a way to analyse social chatter about your brand. And we have a great link where you can try it out for yourself. But more of that later. 

Straight onto our guest this week - who is a freelance social media consultant based in Cambridge, UK, this part is important as Lenka Koppová, helps small, local businesses leverage the power of social media and I’m fascinated to understand how this all works, when we are all strapped for time, let alone running a small business as well as trying to drum up that all important social brand presence. Not only that, why is it so important for small (probably well known in the local area) businesses to have a social presence?

Lenka is the perfect person to provide this insight for us.

Not only does Lenka run local businesses social media, but she also runs a Social Media Conference, yep you guessed it, locally, in Cambridge. This year it’s being help on the 7th and 8th November so there is still time to get your tickets (link as ever, is in the show notes).



- Why should small businesses use social media in there Marketing? Lenka believes this can help to build relationships online as well as offline. Think about it, even though you might be local to a butcher, a baker or a… I’ll leave it there, the chances are you will consume some content online – opening hours, special offers etc, which helps build a reputation locally and this can be done on social.

- Time strapped businesses should also find the time to do this, but with efficiency. Have a plan, understand what you want to achieve and most important of all don’t procrastinate or fall down that rabbit hole – There is a HUGE difference between being on social and utilising it for business.

- And finally, Lenka doesn't have a formal qualification. As she pointed out, there are so many different ways to learn. And this goes for any type of Marketing Qualification or job role. Reading blogs, listening to podcasts, YouTube, conferences, online training, the list goes on. Try using these for your own research and start to expand your own knowledge around a topic you’re passionate about.


Top Tip – Sentiment Analysis 

We're going to do a few things here. Firstly explain what sentiment analysis is, secondly what this actually means and finally why we may have to be careful with the results!

So firstly, what is sentiment analysis. Put simply it is a from of text analysis that allow us to workout whether the people we are trying to engage with are saying positive, negative or pretty neutral things about us as a company, our products or services. 

The science-y bit would tell us that it is a type of data-mining that measures opinion through NLP – Natural Language Processing, text analysis and computational linguistics. This is then analysed and reveals the contextual polarity of a subject, company, product or service.

So what could go wrong!?!?!

Well, ( has a neat little tool where you can test your own statements and what sentiment this creates (the link is in the show notes). The issue here is that the analysis finds it difficult to notice the nuances of some human emotions. For example, I typed:

That food was amazing. It even came with a free bug!

90.90% Positive.

Full disclosure, there was never a bug.

Try it for yourself and let me know your results. 

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